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Welcome to my website where you can find out more about Geomancy and Feng Shui. I have endeavored to relate these traditional concepts to the modern day. Based on the idea: The wheel doesn't need to be re-invented.
My focus lies in supporting large construction projects, revitalization and in the consulting of shopping centers, office spaces, hotels, business and training centers all the way to shops, practices and private property.

Where the modern instruments have reached their limits, I access and use the knowledge deriving from Geomancy and Feng Shui. It is possible to measure the outcome, especially in the business sector. In the appropriate measures, the investment generates a tangible economic advantage.

After investing in geomantic work and consultation, with a well-known shopping centre, the costumer frequency increased by 20%. That’s a real win for all shops, as well as for the property itself. The investment in the consultation makes the difference.

I have been working on diverse projects since 1999 both in Germany and abroad. If required I will gladly supply references where a personal conversation is possible or establish a direct contact with the appropriate project representative. I welcome all questions.

Design your living and working environment as a place of power

As a rule, we take in a place, a building or a room with our gut feeling.In a split second, we know if we feel comfortable or not. This inner communication decides in the final decision making whether it will be about buying or not buying, about staying or not staying or about accepting or not accepting the property or the place and so about success or failure.
People are subconsciously attracted to spaces, places and buildings with a strong aura. This aura may be naturally present or may be created by the combination of various factors.
This is where the geomantic work and the consulting service comes in. It is based on the inclusion of the subtle perception of environmental factors and in depth psychological control mechanisms. I often experience these emotional factors as crucial elements to the success of the project.
With the intercultural instruments of Feng Shui and Geomancy, places and spaces are created that have a positive aura and a high measure of acceptance. In this context, we talk about the effect of soft factors that make the chances of success of a project calculable. This millennium old treasure of knowledge can become your market advantage.

Creating vital habitats

How can you imagine this working? First, a geomantic analysis of the property you live in, work in or invest in, is carried out.

This leads to the following conclusions: where are complications, how do I deal with them, should safeguarding/warding off take place or rooms be changed? After this, the energies of the land are assessed. It is a matter of recognizing and defusing old and obstructive structures and to bring about favorable conditions for you as a private person or company. The analysis that is taken of the site provides important clues for the architectural and interior design of the property.

It is about the position of the building on the property, the location of the main entrance, the routing, the room layout, the room choice and the furnishing of the room. This is the base for the following of the Feng Shui analysis and elaboration. The cardinal directions, the choice of location, the form and color scheme, the materials, the "five elements" play an important role, as well as the application of the Feng Shui systems (Lo-Shu, Water-Dragon, Bagua u.v.m.) do too. This leads to one`s own environment, be it to live in or work in, to become a beneficial place of power that supports us and brings us further in our lives.

And this straight away after the geomantic work of a lifetime…a lovely view, I think…a reliable relationship with our planet earth.

Development in a passion

Since I was a child, I have been able to feel the earth’s energies. After studying business, I had an important position for several years whilst working in international marketing. During this time I never lost touch of my gift, on the contrary, I have always dealt with the roots of our Western culture.

Feng Shui gave me a convincing answer. Here, the different skills that have been acquired over many years mingle into one direction. I have completed international studies in Feng Shui, Geomancy.

Since 1999 I have worked independently in consulting, specifically for companies, and as a specialist planner for projects in Germany and abroad. Parallel to my consulting work, I have offered a structured and recognized training program for many years.
Furthermore I am a speaker for companies and hold various presentations and workshops from many different areas of the Feng Shui teaching. In addition to the extensive knowledge of the systems of Feng Shui I am in the position as a geomancer to perceive the landscape in its original form and to translate it for our human needs.
In this sense hospitals can be built in places that aid healing, schools be built in places where high-concentration is produced, and businesses on places where they can prosper. There are also successful, unconventional solutions for properties in crisis. A real opportunity for your project.

Further Information

Here you will find extra information which you can download. This information will frequently be updated.

I welcome your contact.

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